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About us

The goal that MAIR aims it is of continuous overall improvement to meet the ever increasing needs and demands of existing customers and to gain the trust of those who will be in the future.

MAIR work in the field of special machines for assembly, test and industrial automation in general.
Particular attention is paid at each stage to streamline the design phases and assembly and to simplify control and management of the machine by the operator.

MAIR designs, manufactures and assembles its own machines fully within it, using the expertise and know-how acquired in more than fifteen years of presence in the field.
The realization of mechanical parts made in his workshop and the optimization of the operation after installation, guarantee the achievement of high standards and functionality of machines and plants.

The continuous feedback with the customer, which began with the drafting of the initial project and continues throughout development of the machine, ensure the achievement of a functional product that meets real needs of the client and integrated into the existing production.
Experience producing machines and equipment for various industry sectors to increase their ability to tackle and solve problems MAIR differing from one another, integrating the components and products most suitable for each specific application.

The evolution of plant management through centralized systems, MAIR has allowed to develop supervisory software package that allows the setting of production, the automatic setting of the machines and archiving of production data, associated with each component through the 'identification with bar code readers.

MAIR puts a lot of attention to service, than the mere provision of machinery or plant, but with the customer by establishing a true partnership providing the turnkey plants, taking care of the training of operators through training and providing continuing and valuable technical assistance post-sale ..

The achievements of MAIR in the assembly are represented by automatic machines of various kinds of "intelligent systems" and a bundle of services suitable for the development, production, testing, engineering data management and assistance to customers and specifically can be summarized as:

- Automatic machines
- Robot
- Power Supply
- Unit of screwing and insertion
- Systems for handling and handling
- Units of government and administration and logistics
- Package-specific software and related computer
- Applications with product identification by bar code readers